Self-Portraits of a Surgeon – My Affair with Cultural Geography

My ‘Self-Portrait of a Surgeon’ has just been published over at Landscape Surgery. In the piece I explore my relationship with cultural geography through the metaphor of an affair. I discuss my journey from a physical geographer to a cultural geographer and my thoughts on what it means to me. Thanks to Mike Duggan for the invitation to take part and curating this very interesting series.

Landscape Surgery

ImageIt was never meant to happen. I was just curious; experimental. I mean, it was my first year at university – this is what you’re meant to do right? I was just messing around but I knew where my passions really lay. Yet before I realised, something changed – my flirting was no longer just harmless, tangential fun. It meant something. I had to be honest with myself – I no longer liked what I used to, I was into something different and it was exciting.

Starting my undergraduate degree at Plymouth, I was an ardent physical geographer. My experience of geography up till that point had told me that human geography was pretty boring and it was in the physical sciences where it was really happening. Indeed I remember being quite taken aback during sixth form when someone suggested that I must favour the human side of discipline. I…

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