Run2Work Campaign

To momentarily break my silence as I head towards a heap of deadlines (new content coming soon, I promise), I had to share this new campaign with you.

Those familiar with this blog will know I have written before about considering running a form of transport and I happened across a new campaign called Run2Work. The website is great, packed with lots of routes, tips and advice about running to work and further details about the petition and how you can get involved, which I urge you all to do. It is London-centric but still a fantastic idea and I look forward to reporting on it more in the future.

Now, back to the books …


One thought on “Run2Work Campaign

  1. jackarnold87 says:

    I came across this initiative also and thought it was a great idea! I have been running to work for a few months now and it has been great! I wrote a short piece about it on my own blog:

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