Blog Update and ResearchGate

The past month has been a blur of conferencing, thesis-finishing and house-moving so the last week or so I have been easing myself back into the work routine in preparation for starting the PhD (induction starts tomorrow) by sorting out the inevitable email backlog and updating this blog.


Whilst not a major overhaul, I have been busy updating, editing and altering some things on the blog so more accurate and generally up to date.

  • About: The about section now contains an updated bio, an update description of the blog and a Creative Commons statement. This is where you will also find the latest version of my CV.
  • Research Interests: Over the course of the great MA Cultural Geography my research interests have broadened somewhat as I begin to recognise all of the debates that my work can be situated in and the research links I want to make. Feel free to have an explore of them and do get hold of me to chat/debate/collaborate if they pique your interest also. This page now also contains a list of the research groups and networks I am a part of.
  • Talking: I’ve presented at quite a few conferences this year and this page is now up-to-date that provides links to each of the presentations I’ve given. If you download the presentations, the notes sections will usually contain roughly what I spoke about during the papers. I am planning a brief blog post series to go into a bit more detail about each presentations.
  • Public Geographies: Likewise, I have updated the list the public engagement activities I have been involved with over the last few months. This list excitingly includes an interview with Runner’s World USA magazine for a feature they are running on run-commuting. More on this at a later date.

I have also been busy planning future blog posts so the promise of forthcoming-content will soon come to fruition.


I am now of ResearchGate as well. A very similar platform to, my initial impressions of the layout and function of the site is good and I am looking forward to the connections it may bring.

You can follow me here:

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