Run-Commuting in the Media

Since we published the press release last week, I have been thrilled to see the research get picked up by a few different (and interesting) places. These are all listed on the Public Geographies tab but here’s a run down:

  1. Men’s Running UK magazine were the first place to pick up the results of the survey and I am very jealous of the image they found to illustrate run-commuting. Their google-search abilities are clearly better than mine.MRUK
  2. Next Run247, a running news website features the survey results. This wasn’t a website I had heard of before but looks very useful.
  3. As a result if #2, the work was picked up by ESRC Social Science News site. The ESRC are my funders and do a really good job of promoting research.
  4. The latest mention of the research I have found so far was by Workplace Challenge, an organisation aimed at promoting healthier and more active workplaces.

So it’s been fascinating to see the range of contexts the work has been featured in and I look forward to seeing where else it pops up. Keep an eye in the Public Geography tab for updates.


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