Run-Commuting in Runner’s World and The Telegraph

A very exciting day yesterday for the run-commuting project …

Firstly, Runner’s World UK featured the results of the survey along with comments from Gordon Lott and myself on their website.

Runners World

This is a major coup as Runner’s World is the UK’s largest running magazine and their website a real treasure trove for all things running-related so it should get the work a good readership. It’s great to see them engaging not only with the research but with run-commuting as a whole.

Secondly, I had a very nice interview with a man writing for The Telegraph about the research, run-commuting, and the responsibilities of employers. It was a splendid conversation to have had and the interviewer seemed genuinely intrigued and excited by the work. I’ve been told it should appear early next week so check back soon for more details. To see all the places (I have found) the run-commuting work has cropped up, check out the Public Geography tab.


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