Run-Commuting Survey Results: Mark 2

You wait years, the whole of human existence even, for a survey on run-commuting to come along and then you are gifted two in the space of a month. Typical.

Run-Commuters. Thanks to Gareth Lewis for the image
Thanks to Gareth Lewis for the image

2014 International Survey of Run Commuters

The great people at The Run Commuter are commencing an annual survey of run-commuters worldwide. The inaugural edition took place only a month after the survey done from this site, the results for which have just been released are totally open and free to explore. Considering the two surveys were done in total isolation from one another, the cross overs are surprisingly large which is excellent for our understandings of run-commuting (and my research). Some of the interesting stats that caught my eye are:

  • Much akin to our survey, the majority of run-commuters are between 30 and 45.
  • Not covered in our survey but following broader running participation, these results show that people with degrees are the most likely run-commuters.
  • Again, men outnumber women in run-commuting ratios yet between the ages of 25-29, there is much greater parity.
  • Run-commuters are predominantly white.
  • 75% of run-commuters have been doing it for less then 2 years. That’s a four-fold increase in two years – a greater rate than demonstrated in our survey.
  • In agreement with our survey, most people run-commute 2 – 3 times a week.
  • Similarly, most people run both to and from work.
  • When part-run-commuting, the most common other transport means are sustainable modes, with the bike being the most popular.
  • The majority of run-commuters run between 3 and 7 miles.

I will let you have a look through the full results below and they are downloadable in Excel here. There is a really interesting mix of demographics, distances, facilities, likes and dislikes as well as a great section of other uses of running as transportation:

Future Surveys

I have been in contact with The Run Commuter and I hope we are going to be able to partner up for future surveys which is a very exciting prospect. In the meantime, I hope to start the process of combining their results with the ones we collected and bringing them together in papers, blog posts and infographics.


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