Award Success for ‘Running as Transport’

I am thrilled to have just learnt that my master’s dissertation ‘Running as transport’ has been awarded the 2015 Master’s Thesis award by the Association of American Geographers Transport Geography Speciality Group. The award is for ‘outstanding student research in the field of transport geography’ and to have my work discussed in such calibre is wonderful.

Image 17

This thesis was my first research into run-commuting and as such acts very much as the foundation of my PhD study – hopefully a good omen! It also had a chapter about running’s use as an emergency mode of mobility: I camped out for a week in a train station to observe how and why people ran through it, and how that impacted upon our understandings of running and of transport. It was a hugely enjoyable project to do and I hope it may lead to a publication or two. Either way, I will upload the pdf to the website soon as it’s not currently available on line.

What a lovely way to end the week.


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