Jography Paper Accepted for Mobilities

More wonderful news this week.

I heard last night that I’ve had my first paper accepted for publication in the journal Mobilities. The article is titled ‘Jography: Exploring Meanings, Experiences, and Spatialities of Road-Running’  and is a revised version of my undergraduate dissertation. I worked on this with some colleagues at Plymouth (where I did the dissertation) – Jon Shaw and Paul Simpson. It was great to work with them on this as I respect/admire them both hugely and it was good to see how to go about crafting an article. I can’t wait to see it published but I will have to for a little while – the journal has a large backlog of articles to publish so, at the earliest, it will be online in late 2015.

But it’s on its way and I’m really chuffed.


3 thoughts on “Jography Paper Accepted for Mobilities

    1. simoniancook says:

      Thanks so much Pippa! It’s been in the system a while so I’m thrilled and you will be too when your first paper is accepted! What do you work on?

  1. JedBooks says:

    A very big congrats! How does it feel to have something you’ve crafted actually published in real print? I’d be absolutely excited! Again congratulations! You must super excited 🙂

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