Run-Commuting LSHTM Talk Online

The talk I gave the other week at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine was audio recorded and has just appeared online accompanied by the slides for your viewing pleasure. I really enjoyed doing the seminar and it was a good experience with many lessons learned for giving talks in the future. As you will see if you watch the link below, I try and cram too much into my speaking slot, but purely out of enthusiastic exuberance for the topic.

image 10

This talk was titled – Run-Commuting: towards understanding and emergent mobility. In it, I give an overview of why I am studying run-commuting, the research I’ve conducted so far, and where I think the work will go in the future. It was lovely to air some of these ideas so thank you to Jessica Datta from LSHTM for inviting me to talk, and I hope to return at the end of my project to give a before and after type talk.

Anyway, link above and I will upload downloadable slides soon.


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