Mobility, Space and Culture book review published in Area

My review of Peter Merriman’s fantastic book ‘Mobility, Space and Culture’ has just been published in the latest issue of Area. I presume this will be behind the paywall for most, so as a quick summary – an excellent and essential read for foundational understandings of contemporary conceptualisation of mobility, space, place, time, and geography.

I submitted the review last May and re-reading it now, it’s amazing how much my thoughts have moved on since and how differently I would write the review now. I think that’s testament (hopefully) to how I’m developing as a researcher but also fascinating to consider the published review is a great snapshot in time. It reflects the point of view of master’s student grappling with the foundational works on mobility. Given the target market of the book, that actually made the review very pertinent and it was a very enjoyable experience to do. It is also, technically my first published piece of writing (YAY), as my Jography paper won’t be online for a couple of week, let alone actually get an issue number.

Image 24

Huge thanks to Mark Whitehead, the books reviews editor at Area for giving me the opportunity to review this book and take my first, ever so tiny, step into academic publishing.


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