Technologies of Running: a quick round-up (OK, not that quick really)

We had our second Running Dialogues event the other week and Katy Kennedy has just put up a summary of proceedings over the the Running Dialogues website.

So if you’d like to know what was spoken about under the theme of Technologies of Running, follow the links below.

Running Dialogues

On the 11th of May we had another fascinating and wide-ranging seminar about running: this time it covered the role of technology in running. Our speakers were all brilliant and the diversity of research out there which comes under the umbrella of this theme was just great. A truly interdisciplinary evening!

Something which became apparent across all of the talks was how the world of running has been changed by technology. All of our lives have been touched to some extent by recent revolutions in technology, and running has also undergone a similar transformation, whether via the effects of social media, or navigational or training aids, or being able to have the music of your choice on tap whilst running. The seminar took a critical look at technology as well though, asking to what extent technology is essential or helpful in people’s everyday experiences of running.

Jo Little – Women, running and…

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