Free Public Water Points are Coming to London

I came across this in the Evening Standard yesterday – news that free public water points are being rolled out across London, spearheaded by Transport for London.

I think this is a great facility for anyone in the city, but particularly runners. Public water points were something that run-commuters in my research have suggested would be a useful facility and help to encourage the practice. It’s also interesting to see it being lead by Transport for London – is this recognition of the growing number of active travellers in their networks and their requirements?

Either way, interesting developments and something I really welcome!


4 thoughts on “Free Public Water Points are Coming to London

  1. Daniel says:

    This is one of the things that I never understood in the UK, where I regularly see bathrooms where there is only hot water, with the sole purpose of not being able to fill a bottle or drink some, and parks with no water fountains. In Portugal, where I come from, there are many water fountains, I never found a place with only hot water, and cafes are actually mandated to give glasses of water if anyone asks for one, even if they don’t consume anything. I’ve travelled in Spain, Italy, all these places have water in ample supply, at least in the major cities and parks I’ve been.

    1. simoniancook says:

      I’ve found this too. I think we certainly used to have much better public water supplies in cities but with dubious hygiene and ultimately councils stopped their provision or withdrew them. It’s interesting that these new water points will be chilled and look like something you’d be happy to drink from!

  2. runner500 says:

    It is odd, there are a couple of fountains on my regular routes, both of which have recently been refurbished and are now useable because there are now separate bits for dogs…. More generally, it isn’t a new idea, the Metropolitan Drinking Fountain Association was set up in Victorian London to provide safe water – they added the more obvious cattle troughs a bit later.

    1. simoniancook says:

      I certainly remember more water fountains being about during my childhood. Perhaps this is the rise of public-private water point.

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