Big Running Survey & Runometer

The Big Running Survey is part of a ground-breaking study by researchers at the University of Warwick. They’re exploring the reasons why, over recent years, running has grown to become the country’s second most popular participation sport. They want to understand the role and meaning of running in people’s lives to learn what motivates people to start – and continue – running.

So if you would like to be part of this project – whether you’re a Sunday morning jogger or an elite athlete – they would love to hear from you. I hope you do and the survey can be accessed via the link below -it’ll only take a few minutes to complete:

Big Running Survey.png

The research is being headed up by Neil Baxter who is a fellow PhD researcher – in sociology at Warwick University. He also runs the brilliant blog which shares much of his work and sociological perspectives on running. Well worth a look – splendid stuff.

I hope to get to know Neil and his work as it looks fascinating with many cross-overs with what I do.


2 thoughts on “Big Running Survey & Runometer

  1. Neil Baxter says:

    Thanks Simon – appreciate the publicity. Great blog, by the way. Lots of interesting material for me to look at! Big Running Survey is now just shy of 2,000 responses, so I’m happy we’ve got enough data to draw some really robust conclusions once the analysis is complete, but the more we can get the better. Will keep you in the loop!

    1. simoniancook says:

      That’s an amazing response. It’s making re-examine some of my research design. Little point in replicating research already done with such proficiency! Look forward to hearing more …

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