Controlling the Environment

A great post from Vybarr Cregan-Reid (writer, academic, Running Dialogues co-organiser, and friend) about why people run on a treadmill on a beautiful day.

In the post, Vybarr gives us a snapshot of his hotly anticipated book – Footnotes – which I cannot wait to get my hands on. The blog itself is recently revamped and most definitely (and I mean definitely) worth the follow – lots of brilliant thoughts about running and the environment.

Most of my book, Footnotes, is about how important it is that we have regular access to an environment that possesses natural aspects, being on that permits the kind of mental repose that can only really come from those places.  I also discuss in my book, the weird history of treadmills and that by running on them we, among other things, become part of a longer history of corporal punishment that goes back a couple of centuries. I don’t mean to be hard on the gym, and treadmills in particular, because they do have their uses. It is the easiest place to do strength training after all.

Today, going to the gym, I decided to run a route there, do my weights, and do a short run back (the last bit of course was never going to happen – and it didn’t). But the environment where I live is heavy suburban, and I had…

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