My 2016 in Art

A final look back to 2016 before a load of exciting new stuff for 2017 comes your way on jographies.

I’m a geographer. So I like maps, obviously.

One of the greatest satisfactions I get from tracking all my running and cycling is the automatic production of my exercise map. So imagine my joy that you can now turn all of your exercise routes into art.

This is (part of) my 2016:


I love just to see the different shapes that I am running/cycling and how these correspond to the different reasons I run/cycle. It is also good fun to see if you can identify a particular route just from their outline.

Sisu is the brains and creativity behind this. With a tagline of ‘Exercise Data As Art’, Sisu turns your exercise data into beautiful and unique prints showcasing your achievements. Simply connect your Strava/Runkeeper account so see the magic.


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