Event: Run Hack London

A really brilliant event happening at on the 02 – 03 June that I think will interest readers of jographies and I want to draw your attention to.

It’s an event called Run Hack London which aims to make London the most run-friendly city in the world. It aims to do this by inspiring, prototyping and developing new ideas, services, products and policies. The event will tackle the barriers, real and perceived, to running happily, safely and with ease in cities, and in London in particular.

The event is organised by Andrew Mead, Scott Cain and Gareth Lewis and seems a really innovative set up aimed at experimenting around making cities more running-friendly. Whilst I cannot attend (it is my twin sister’s wedding), I will be involved in setting a challenge around run-commuting at the event (more on that when I have it) and I will hopefully be more involved in future incarnations of the event.

There is already interest in other cities in the UK and abroad. But for more information about the London event and to sign up, click here.

The event is being filmed so I’ll be sure to link to the highlights package when it is complete but the event now has a Twitter account – @RunningHack – and a hashtag – #runhacklondon #runhack –  so I’m sure you can follow the happenings live too. I will be.

Expect an overview and review of the event shortly afterwards.


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