New Voices Award

I received some lovely news last week, that I was successful in the inaugural New Voices award ran by the Mobile Lives Forum for my work on running as transport.

The Mobile Lives Forum / Forum Vies Mobiles is a transnational, transgressive and transdisciplinary institute for research on and discussion about mobilities. They are based in France and funded by SNCF, the French national state-owned railway company. They are a great organisation who is quickly becoming a go-to hub for all things mobilities-related, with their website featuring fantastic resources around the key ideas in mobility studies, the latest mobilities news and events, and research funded by the Mobile Lives Forum itself. I find their video channel particularly brilliant, so do check that out if you’d like hear from some of the key thinkers in mobilities studies.


Although the Forum has been around for 6 years, this is the first time they have run the New Voices award. This is an MA and PhD thesis competition which aims to promote work on mobility by young researchers.

Being the inaugural running of the competition, they welcomed any MA or PhD thesis on the topic of mobilities from the past three years for submission. This meant that by MA thesis on Running as Transport from 2014 just made the cut-off and I’m thrilled to say that my application to the award was successful.

I will be featured as one of the inaugural 10 ‘New Voices’, with an article summarising my work on running as transport, as well as the thesis itself, being profiled on the Mobile Lives Forum website at some point between September 2017 and July 2018. I will, of course, share this when it goes live.


I feel extremely honoured and humbled by this and owe a great debt of gratitude to my excellent MA thesis supervisors at RHUL, Prof. Phil Crang and Dr Oli Mould, as well as to all the runners and run commuters who inspired and continue to inspire my work. Particular thanks must go to those who participated in this research.

So thank you.


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