Article in the Guardian

Really pleased to have a piece published over in the Guardian Running Blog today.


The title of the article is ‘Runners vs pedestrians: who should give way to whom?‘ and summarises some of the findings from my first ever research project into running, which became our ‘Jography: Exploring Meanings, Experiences and Spatialities of Recreational Road-running‘ journal article in Mobilities.

While a little old this work now, I had not published about it in the public domain before and over the summer I was presented with a reason why this would be timely. I initially pitched it to the Guardian Running Blog as a response to the Putney Bridge incident, when a runner unnecessarily pushed a pedestrian into the path of a bus. Luckily, no one was badly injured here (they very easily could have been) and the incident did thrust the issue of encounters between runners and pedestrians into the public conversation.

I was actually on holiday when this happened so could not respond to it immediately, and in the end, it took a little while to get the article drafted, edited and ready to go. So, the use of this incident as a hook is subdued in the final piece, but luckily the lovely people at the Guardian still thought the topic was interesting enough to publish now.

I’ll brave the comment section tomorrow…


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