Run-Commute Art Work

News of the latest artwork from artist and runner extraordinaire, Dr Veronique Chance.


Veronique’s work is titled Run Commute London to Cambridge and will be on display at the Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge from 29th January 2018 – 01 February 2018.

As described in the Cambridge News:

Dr Veronique Chance will be running from London Liverpool Street to Cambridge as part of the Art Language Location display, which is themed around the concept of “place”.

She will track her route using GPS, and images of her surroundings will then be projected live from her phone onto a paper map displayed in the Ruskin Gallery, allowing visitors to follow the journey.

Veronique will be running the 60 miles route across four days and on completion of the run, the clothing and accessories used along the way will form part of the exhibition.

So this is by no means an ordinary run-commute, but it looks like a fascinating event and piece of art. Details of the event are available here, should you want to attend.

Veronique often uses running in her art practice. In 2012 she circumnavigated the M25 on foot over nine days. The Great Orbital Run resulted in the excellent piece The M25 in 4000 Images .


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