Running under lockdown

Coronavirus and the social measures to prevent its spread have resulted in interesting and tense implication for runners in the UK. Dr Sam Hayes explores this brilliantly.


This post began life as a letter in response to a Guardian article and having heard nothing from their letters editor I’ve decided that they’re not interested *shrugs*. But I do think there is need to be thoughtful and considered in our response and policing of lockdown in the UK, especially when it comes to our use of parks and green spaces. So I’ve posted my letter here instead.

Dear Editors,

Having read the piece ‘Joggers V walkers: the battle for our pathways during the coronavirus’ published on Monday 30 March, I felt it was important to offer a reply. I recognise the lighthearted mood of the original piece, but it does bring to the fore a darker response to the current situation that I think we all need to resist.

In it, observed tensions between users of our green spaces was highlighted and condensed down to…

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