Renovated for 2020: Jographies has had a revamp!

Things have been … urmquiet around here for the last couple of years.

This wasn’t purposeful. I have always intended for Jographies to be a regular and open space to discuss the geographical perspectives on running I advertise it as offering. I do have my reasons/excuses/requests for sympathy (delete as you see appropriate) for this absence, but I’ll save detailing those for future posts.

Things are changing, however. I have missed blogging regularly on here, and these wilderness years have given me lots of content and ideas I want to share with you. Coupled with a revamp and update of the blog’s layout and design, I look forward to some exciting years to come discussing all things running and geography with you.

For those new to the blog (hello!) and for longer-term readers (thanks for sticking with me), I thought a quick introduction to the new features and updates of the blog would be helpful.

So there is lots of exciting things planned and I look forward to re-establishing more frequent conversations with you about the geographies of running. As ever, please do join in, reach out or say hi if any of this piques your interest or if you have questions, curiosities, ideas etc.

More soon. Promise.


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