Run-Commuting Piece for Tracksmith Journal

Tracksmith are an independent running brand from Boston, MA making performance run-wear. They also curate a Journal on their site which hosts loads of amazing stories, pieces and articles about running. It’s awesome and definitely worth checking out if you don’t already.

They have recently launched a run-commuting collection and are partnering the brilliant RunSome campaign (more on that in another post). As part of this, articles about run-commuting are being featured in their Journal, such as this guide to utility running. I was thrilled they asked me to write something for the Journal, drawing on my academic research into run-commuting.

An Academic Approach to Run-Commuting‘ was published yesterday and in the short piece I briefly discuss some of the interesting tensions or talking points I found fascinating in my research. I explore four themes: run-commuting labels, the sustainability of run-commuting, the spaces of run-commuting and some more speculative discussion on run-commuting in a (post)pandemic world.

It was a really enjoyable piece to write and I hope those interested in run-commuting find an intriguing piece. You can read it here:


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