I’m a Running Researcher: introducing the series

I am beyond excited to be launching the new series I’m a Running Researcher here on jographies. It’s something I have wanted to do for ages and with the website revamp and the continuing growth of running research it is a great time to.

The premise is simple. Each post in the I’m a Running Researcher series will profile one running researcher. These will come from a variety of disciplines and be researching all manner of brilliant things about running. Each profile will shine a light on a running researcher and their work, in turn highlighting the diversity of amazing research being done into running.

This series will showcase the range and cutting-edge of running research, the people behind them, the question they ask, the methods they use, and what they have found. They will act as brilliant introductions to the world of running research and as a rich resource for those wanting to find out more.

The first profile is scheduled for this Wednesday and will continue roughly every fortnight until I run out, I suppose. All the profiles will be stored on the I’m a Running Researcher homepage so you can easily browse the wonderful community of running researchers. And if you have a suggestion for anyone who this series should feature, do let me know.


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