Why We Run – New Strava Research

I just wanted to flag some new Strava research that I’m sure we will dive into a little deeper in future posts, but for now I just wanted to share the report as it makes for interesting reading.

I say new research, is was published this year, just earlier in 2020. Why We Run is a survey of 25,000 runners from around the world exploring their motivations for running. This is a huge sample that offers some very interesting insights into motivations around health, routine, community, aspiration, as well as why people started running, why people keep running, and what they love and hate about it.

The team at Strava have made the key findings from this very accessible. There is an interactive website guiding you through the research and what it found, as well as a white paper, summarising the researching written by Dr Blair Evans. Both are well worth checking out and available here:

I’ll pick up on aspects I find particularly interesting in future posts, but for now I just wanted to share this and let you explore if you’re interested.


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