A Run Down: introducing the series

I promised two new series when I relaunched jographies. Now that I’m a Running Researcher is up and running, it seems a good time to launch what is very much its sister series: A Run Down.

Part of my goal to use this site to bring all the brilliant running research that is being conducted in geography and related disciplines to you, each post in the A Run Down series will showcase one paper about running. The posts will be a quick summary of the aims, approaches, findings and importance of the work. Whenever possible, I will also link through to open access versions of the full text and more information about the authors and projects so you can explore further if you’re interested.

The papers featured in this series will mostly be social, cultural, creative and geographical work into running, highlighting the sort of research I draw on in my research. However, I am happy to extend beyond this too and if you have any suggestions of readings you’d like me to feature in this attempt to showcase the best and breadth of running research, do let me know.

The first post is scheduled to go live in a fortnight, so stay tuned, and you can find all the posts in this series on the A Run Down homepage. I’m going to try and make this a fortnightly series, in the alternate week to I’m a Running Researcher. I look forward to sharing all the brilliant running research with you.


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