Running Pieces Shortlisted for Active Travel Academy Media Awards 2020

The Active Travel Academy is a wonderful centre set up at the University of Westminster in 2019. They bring together expertise on active travel from far and wide, and represent an important player within in the walking, cycling, micro-mobilities and other active travel worlds.

Running holds an uncertain position within the active travel landscape. Sometimes it falls within the ‘other’ category, sometimes it is banded together with walking, and sometimes it is just absent.

This is why I was so pleased to see running have a presence in the Active Travel Academy Media Awards 2020. These awards recognise and celebrate the best of active travel media pieces in a range of categories over the past 12 months. The shortlist has just been announced and two great running pieces are featured. They both concern running as a form of transport and draw on the increasing attention to it due to Covid-19 and the #RunSome Campaign.

Personally, it is great to see these pieces shortlisted as both draw on my research (it is discussed in the former and I am interviewed in the latter), but more widely I am thrilled to see running being included more regularly in such conversations.

Winners will be announced at the Active Travel Academy Media Awards in Central London on November 26th. This year’s event will be online, and tickets can be reserved here. I’ll post an update here is any of the running pieces are successful.


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