Christmas Card #RunSome 2020

In the spirit of the season and #RunSome, this year I decided to deliver all my local Christmas cards by running.

Some key stats:

  • Cards delivered: 23
  • Number of runs: 7
  • Total distance: 62.75 miles
  • Total time: 8 hours (bang on)
  • Total elevation: 2280 feet
  • Total calorie burn: 6429
  • Longest run: 17 miles
  • Shortest run: 4 miles

All that just to save £15 on stamps!

Well worth it though: Giving an additional purpose to my runs was enjoyable, doorstep hellos were lovely, devising the routes was fun, exploring new areas of Birmingham was cool, and not feeling so guilty about eating all the festive food is a bonus.

Also, this was a great way to incorporate some more #RunSome in my life when many other everyday journeys are on hold currently. Certainly think I’ll make this an annual tradition.

You can see all my Christmas card runs below or on my Strava.


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