Running Mayors are coming!!!

A very exciting development coming out of the #RunSome Campaign, the launch of Running Mayors has just been announced. Inspired by the recent rise of Cycling Mayors, the chance to be one of the first Running Mayors in the world is now open. So if you are a keen advocate of running, would like to inspire more people to run everyday journeys, and encourage greater consideration and facilitation of running in your local area then this could be for you (or someone you know).

Sadly the role is not paid, but could be a wonderful opportunity to make things happen around running if you are able to take it up. Nominations close at midnight on 31 January 2021. All the info you need is here: and some key points are copied below.

From the RunSome Website:

The Running Mayors Network is an initiative to champion the role of running in our cities & places. 

Running Mayors inspire more people to run local, everyday journeys. This is running as a form of active travel, as an alternative to jumping in the car, as well as for leisure and sport.

Running is a visible part of our every city – think of its streets and roads, pavements, parks, paths, canals and riversides. Yet running is invisible in discussions about how we live and move among decision makers like city and transport planners, Mayors and place leaders. Until now.

Running Mayors will provide a voice and a human face to champion running in a place they know and care about – the city or town where they live.

Running Mayors are ambassadors for the RunSome campaign, which has been co-founded by Runner’s World and the running and cycling business Active Things. RunSome has a brilliant group of campaign partners, friends, ambassadors and advisors.

Running Mayors are encouraged and empowered – individually and as a network – to increase the visibility of running as a form of healthy, active travel. Running as local transport as well as for leisure and sport.

Running Mayors are change-makers who increase the visibility & possibility of running everyday journeys, who identify barriers and who champion & share solutions.


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