New Master’s Thesis on Run-Commuting

There is very little research into run-commuting and there is still so much to know about it. So I am always excited to see new pieces come along and it’s great to see Kate Winstanley’s Master’s thesis appear online.

Kate completed this research as part of her MSc Transport Planning and Engineering at Newcastle University last year. Her thesis sought to explore three specific research questions:

  1. What factors influence the decision to run as a commute and are there any patterns that can be observed from this?
  2. What are the constraints on people’s ability to run for commuting?
  3. What factors might encourage more people to run-commute and what can employers do to improve this?

Given the circumstances of the last year, Kate’s thesis also explores really interesting elements about the impact of Covid-19 on run-commuting and its future. Really interesting stuff and well worth checking out. The thesis is available on the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund website.


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