New Publication: Pandemic Geographies of Physical Activity

Along with the brilliant Steph Coen and Sam Hayes, we have a new book chapter out this week that explores the role of and changes to physical activity during the pandemic.

As part of a collection exploring various geographical impacts, implications and changes of COVID-19, our brief chapter we explore four key areas:

  1. If physical activity even matters in a pandemic and for whom.
  2. How physical activity is being weaponised against COVID-19 as a tool for the neoliberalisation of health that downloads responsibility for COVID-19 prevention and management to a moral problem for individuals.
  3. The effects of the pandemic on physical activity, which paints a mixed picture while largely indicating a continuation of inequitable trends.
  4. How the indoor-outdoor binary geography of physical activity intensifies existing inequities in physical activity and crystallizes how participation is interconnected with wider social injustices.

A lot to fit into 3000 words! This was a fun team piece to work on and reflect on the early impacts of the pandemic on physical activity.

If you would like to read the piece:

  • You can do so here if you have institutional access to the book
  • Here if you don’t (though it is embargoed for 18 months 😞)
  • Feel free to contact me for a copy.


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