Crash! RGS 2021 Presentation

The 2021 Royal Geographical Society’s annual conference took place a few of weeks ago online. It was a great event and although I missed the in-person sociality, it was wonderful to be able to access so many great talks and re-immerse myself in geography again.

As part of my work on post-collision cycling practices, I presented in a session on Disarticulated Subjects about my own cycling collision a few years ago. I explored three different forms of disarticulation (bodily, logical, practice) as well as their re-articulations, focussing on the lived experiences of this.

It is by far the most personal thing I have ever presented and was tricky at points to think about, write and share. But it was also a really useful process both personally and for the research and I’ve got lots of new ideas of where to take this work next.

My talk was titled: Crash: Disarticulations of a cycling collision. You can watch the video below and read a slightly longer draft transcript here.


2 thoughts on “Crash! RGS 2021 Presentation

  1. Bradley Rink says:

    A terrific paper with deeply embodied insights. I am sorry that I missed it during the RGS as I had a clash with a session I was part of, but so happy you have shared it here. The way forward with this research is very promising and will yield knew insights into cathartic mobilities and all that relate to them. Well done!

    1. simoniancook says:

      Thanks so much Bradley, that’s really kind. I am excited about where the work could go, but also know it’s more emotionally draining than usual.

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