This page features the non-academic activities and publications I have been engaged with. I could have termed it as public engagement, impact, beyond the ivory tower etc. but they all feel too institutionalised – so public geographies it is.

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  • 2014 – present. Greater London National Park*. I was involved in the establishing the initial campaign for a Greater London National Park*, a proposal to make London the world’s first urban national park that encompasses an entire city.

Public Seminars Organised 

  • 2015 Running Dialogues
    Organised by Simon Cook, Katy Kennedy and Vybarr Cregan-Reid.
    • 13 April. Running & Society
    • 11 May. Technologies of Running
    • 08 June. Experiences of Running
    • 29 June. Running, Space & Place
    Speakers: Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson, Penny Andrews, Kate Carter, Simon Cook, Vybarr Cregan-Reid, Steve Dews, Simon Freeman, Simone Fullagar, Ivo Gormley, Rachel Hallett, John Hockey, Toby Jenkins, Katy Kennedy, Alan Latham, Jo Little, Hayden Lorimer, Chris Mallender, David McGookin, Stephanie Merchant, Clive Sanders, Richard Shipway, Kai Syng Tan, Boff Whalley.

Public Talks 

  • Cook, S. (2015) The potential of run-commuting. Presented at the Running Dialogues Seminar Series, Roxy Bar & Screen, London on 13 April.

Media – Written Contributions

Media – Featured Research

Schools Outreach 


PassengerFilms, the car-crash of cinema and geography, is the award-winning, not-for-profit film society, founded and run by PhD students from Royal Holloway, University of London.  We bring hot topics from cultural geography to London’s film-going public.

Below are the screenings I have been involved with organising, compèring or presenting in:


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