I’m a Running Researcher is a series of blog posts profiling people who research running. Each one explores why they research running, how they research it and some of their key findings. Click the links below to find out more about each person. If there’s someone I think I should profile, please let me know.

Find out more about the series in this introductory post.

#NameRunning topics studiedDisciplinePublished Month
41Richard ShipwayExperiences of distance runners, running events, social worlds, identity, healthy lifestyles.Sport, Leisure, Events and Tourism StudiesMay 2023
40Jess MacbethExperiences of visually impaired runnersSport studiesNovember 2022
40Ben PowisExperiences of visually impaired runnersSociology of sportNovember 2022
39Sarah AcklandExperiences of a woman runner’s body in public spaceArchitectureSeptember 2022
38Simone TulumelloRunning as an ethnographic methodGeography & urban studiesSeptember 2022
37Alister McCormickPsychological running interventions, crowd encouragement & beginner runners’ journeysSport & Exercise PsychologyFebruary 2022
36Tim GorichanazRunners’ information use, ultra-running cultures, why we run.Information science & philosophyFebruary 2022
35Una McGahernRunning routes, exercising rights to move, sense of belonging, place in the city.PoliticsJanuary 2022
34Assaf LevPleasure, pain, social recognition and identity in running. Sport and exercise AnthropologyJanuary 2022
33Nur Kurtoğlu-HootonOnline running communities, identities and linguistic features.Linguistics and English LanguageDecember 2021
32Noel SalazarUnderstandings of endurance & pace, (mis)use running-related technologies, running as method.Social & cultural anthropologyDecember 2021
31Sara MacBride-StewartTrail running, sustainability, wellbeing, runnability & women’s running.Environmental SociologyDecember 2021
30Catherine PalmerRunning, charity events, philanthropy, gendered labour and running methods.Interdisciplinary social scientist and critical interpretivistNovember 2021
29Rob SmithRunning navigation, organisation of perception and accomplishment of place.Sociology & EthnographyNovember 2021
28Jonas LarsenRunning rhythms, events, embodiment, tourism, weather and marathons.Mobility & urban studiesOctober 2021
27Josep CapsíGrowth of running practices in Valencia.Sociology & Sport ScienceOctober 2021
26Laura JohnsonBeginners running programmes, participant motivation, attendance and well-being; runners’ thought processes and attentional focus.Sport & Exercise PsychologySeptember 2021
25Ciara EverardRunning injury experiences & narratives.Sport PsychologySeptember 2021
24François MadoréGeography of running in France. GeographyAugust 2021
24Stéphane LoretGeography of running in France. Digital HumanitiesAugust 2021
23Ross WadeyRunners’ experiences of harassment, and injuries. Sport PsychologyAugust 2021
22Michael CrawleyEthiopian running cultures, athletics development and macro-economic development. Social AnthropologyJuly 2021
21Neil BaxterRunning history, social factors and cultural change. SociologyJuly 2021
20Jesse CoutureRunning crews, digital technologies, self-tracking.Kinesiology & Sport SociologyJune 2021
19Alicia Smith-TranExperiences of marginalised runners, Black middle-class women running. SociologyJune 2021
18Laura WilliamsRunning, psychogeography, information behaviours in running. Information StudiesJune 2021
17Holly WeirRunning and green spaces during the Covid-19 pandemic.Urban Studies & TransportMay 2021
16Toomas GrossRecreational running in Estonia, middle-classness, good-life, running addiction, running bodies, senses & experiments. AnthropologyMay 2021
15Jack LaytonRunning in public space, sense of place, inclusion, democracy.GeographyApril 2021
14Katy KennedyBeginner runner groups, experiences and physical activity behaviour. PsychologyApril 2021
13Dave HindleyParkrun, inclusive leisure spaces, sociability, shared experiences, runner harassment.Sport SociologyMarch 2021
12Rob MannSocial worlds of parkrun, injury and illness in adolescent distance runners. Sport & Health SciencesMarch 2021
11Noora RonkainenMeaning in running, running identity construction/disruption.Sport Psychology & TheologyFebruary 2021
10Helen QuirkParkrun, health, happiness, physical activity levels, motivations, social connections.Psychology & Public HealthFebruary 2021
9Emily TupperRunning volunteer programmes, GoodGym.AnthropologyJanuary 2021
8Julie CidellRunning events, spaces, places and mobilities. GeographyJanuary 2021
7Hannah BorensteinRunning, gender, race, labour, culture, global capitalism, Ethiopia, athletics market. AnthropologyDecember 2020
6Jacquelyn Allen-CollinsonRunning experiences, senses, weather, endurance work & running together.Sociology & Physical Culture StudiesDecember 2020
5Ben MurphyCultural-economics of ultra-running boom, trail running and sensory engagement, experience of green spaces. GeographyDecember 2020
4Stephanie Merchant Running, technology and emotional relationship with spaces, nature and parkrun, canine-cross & running with dogs. Geography & Sport SociologyNovember 2020
3John HockeyRunning injury recovery, habitual and mundane practices, running identity, running senses, space and place. SociologyNovember 2020
2Trish JackmanOptimal experiences in running. Sport Psychology October 2020
1Sam HayesRunning, green space, mental health & wellbeing, Covid-19 and running.Planning & GeographyOctober 2020