Here is a brief overview of my ongoing and previous research projects, as well links to outputs related to those projects. You can use the below links to jump to a particular project. If you have any questions about any, please do get in touch.

Post-collision cycling practices (2021 -)

In collaboration with Natalie Walker at Birmingham City University, this projects seeks to explore previously unresearched post-collision cycling practices. It is interested in what happens to cyclists and their practices following collisions and what the experiences of this are. It hopes to inform work supporting cyclists after collisions and help to maintain cycling practices, contributing to the production of cycling societies.

Geographies of active practices (2020 -)

Through a range of collaboration, this meta-project aims to review and set agendas for variety of topics that collectively identify the state-of-art and develops the future of research into the geographies of active practices. This includes a collaboration with Rachel Aldred, Tom Cohen and Lorna Stevenson at the (University of Westminster) into active travel beyond walking and cycling; with Sarah Bell (University of Exeter) into healthy mobilities; with Pete Adey (Royal Holloway University of London) into the relationship between mobility and sport studies; and with Jonas Larsen (Roskilde University) into the geographies of running.

Exercise during social distancing (2020 -)

In collaboration with Sam Hayes at the University of Salford, this project seeks to explore experiences and perceptions of exercising during the COVID-19 pandemic and requirements for social distancing in the UK. Using Twitter data, we are exploring how lockdown measures illuminates, exacerbates, changes or impact exercises practices in the UK and the politics of these.

Academic skills and Geography (2020 -)

In collaboration with Ben Newman at the Open University, this pedagogical project seeks to review how academic skills are taught, engaged with and positioned with academic Geography courses, as well as setting an agenda for more extensive and critical engagement in the future.

Run-Commuting in the UK (2014 – 2020)

My PhD research was the first large-scale study into run-commuting. It sought to understand how run-commuting emerged, happens and the potential it has in the UK. I spent five years surveying, interviewing and running alongside run-commuters around the UK to better understand this mobile practice.

Running as Transport (2014)

My first endeavours to understand run-commuting where in my MA thesis. This project attempted to understand two ways running was used as transport in contemporary societies – run-commuting and emergency running, such as when running to catch a train.

The Mobilities of Road-Running (2012 – 2013)

My first ever research into running was as part of my undergraduate dissertation at Plymouth University. I applied a mobilities perspective to understanding running for the first time and explored the movements, meanings and experiences that are important within running practices.

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