REBLOG: Mobility (2nd edition)

Wonderful news that the second edition of Mobility by Peter Adey (my fantastic supervisor) has just been published.

My approach to studying running has been informed predominantly by the perspectives of mobility studies (it was certainly my ‘in’ to it anyway) and the first edition has been the go-to textbook for those across the social sciences/humanities studying mobility and its phenomena/issues.

This second edition has been greatly updated, responding to the vast developments within the field of mobilities and it has been a massive undertaking for Pete to revise, which the reviews/endorsements suggest he’s done in his usual engaging, expert, sympathetic and brilliant way. I have also had the pleasure of engaging with many of the ideas and examples used in the book while co-teaching a module on Mobilities with Pete at RHUL.

Class image
Teaching our first cohort of Mobilities students with Pete

It will be a joy to read this and to teach future mobility scholars using this second edition, not at least because it is so blooming good-looking.

Mobility (2nd Edition) by Peter Adey is available from all the usual places but it is currently cheapest directly from publisher’s website, should you wish you purchase this. It’s already in my shopping basket.

More details below.

mobility2nd edition

A bit of a announcement that the 2nd edition of my book Mobility has just come out. Given the development of mobility studies as an interdisciplinary field, and just the vibrance and extent of research on many things mobile from both the social sciences and arts and humanities, it was a mammoth job to try to update the book.

I’m grateful to some lovely back cover endorsements from Mimi Sheller, David Bissell, Monika Buscher and Georgine Clarsen. And also the cover art work by Matt Tiessen.

Here’s the blurb:

Mobility aims to take the pulse of this enormously expanded and energetic field. It explores the breadth of the disciplinary areas mobility studies now encompass, examining the diverse conceptual and methodological approaches wielded within the field, and explores the utility of mobility to illuminate a cornucopia of mobile lives: from the mass movements of individuals within global processes such as…

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