Film: Run the Line – Retracing 43km of hidden railway

No clue how the YouTube algorithm got me there, but I am so pleased it did. It delivered this beautiful and fascinating film that embodies so much of what jographies is about.

In it, Beau Miles sets off on a 43km run/adventure to retrace an old railway line whose traces are only half there, the rest being etched, buried and masked by newer developments, connecting places, time, nature, people and running.

It is a film about running for transport, for exploration, for adventure and for connecting with local geographies and places. As a runner and geographer, it was wonderful. A stunning piece and highly recommended.


One thought on “Film: Run the Line – Retracing 43km of hidden railway

  1. Karl Percival says:

    A great film! Beau is one of my favourite YouTubers. This film shows you can get plenty of adventure right on your own doorstep, and running doesn’t need to be all about PB’s. I’ve been doing a lot of exploring on my own runs during the lockdown in England.

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