Run-Commuting Survey: Press Release

Over the last few days I have been working hard with Gordon Lott, founder of run2work, to prepare a press release based on initial findings from the run-commuting survey undertaken over the summer. Having worked together to distribute the survey, I was thrilled when Gordon offered to help prepare the press release – his media and marketing acumen are of the highest regard. This is now ready to share with the world and is already featured over at run2work.

The findings are headline figures that give a brief overview of the rise and habits of run-commuting that will hopefully be of use to those campaigning/lobbying for run-commuting and its provision. The momentum behind run-commuting is certainly here and now, hence the decision to release the statistics. There is much more to come from that survey and the rest of the project however but that will all be ready in good time after thorough analysis. I also have plans for an infographic.

For now though – the press release is below.


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