Runner’s World Article on Run-Commuting

The edition of Runner’s World to have just hit the shops contains an article on the ‘Rise of Run Commuting’. I’m thrilled that much of my research into run-commuting is featured in the article as well as the thoughts of many of those I’ve worked with into run-commuting so far: Gordon Lott (run2work), Gareth Lewis (Urban Land Institute), and Helen Frost (Manchester Run-Commuters).

It’s a really nice article by Sam Murphy and we had a really lovely conversation a couple of months ago that forms the basis of much of the article. I’m also pleased that a version of an infographic I made for Runner’s World relating to an article on the environmental impact of running has popped up in this article too.

So if you are interested in any of my thoughts on run-commuting – be sure to check out a copy: page 58.


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